Corporate & Social Responsibility

In a fight against the Child Labor, Hayda Stone has ensured that our platform is never used to support such heinous acts. Following no tolerance policy for Child labour, we have made sure to all of our employees and producers all over that under no circumstances, the children below the age of 17 years will not be involved at any stage during the stage of the manufacture of stone for Hayda Stone.
In case of any person or agency found violating any such agreement, the contract will be terminated with an immediate effect. Thus, ensuring that we don’t take this lightly, we very strictly follow the policies as laid down by us and help towards the better India Better

About Hayda Group

In a bid to fight truly against child labour, our representatives on a consistent basis have a visit to the producers and employees’ location and with the surprise visit checks if any child is involved in the production process? In case, the people are found guilty of violating the act, spontaneous action is taken against them and contract is cancelled and the issue is being reported further.

About Hayda Group

We as a responsible citizen of India, believes that the Education is important. The education is of prime importance to have a bright future of the country and for the child. To provide them the maximum opportunities to progress better, the Company is against the Child labour and even our Heads are always involved in various charitable works related to the upliftment of education in the country.